OpenBD Desktop

OpenBD Desktop Server

Develop, debug and deploy your CFML applications from one cross-platform application.

No installation, unzip and run, and you will be creating brand new web applications within seconds.

  • Everything you need: Embedded Java/Jetty ready to run
  • Easily create new apps from scratch without preparing any web folder
  • Ships with the latest OpenBD runtime already to run
  • Customize the port, context, directory and logging
  • Console logging for easy debugging of your CFML application


Developing and debugging your CFML applications just got a whole lot easier with our easy, drop-in, interactive debugger

It's easy to set break points, step-through code, variable inspection and a whole lot more.

  • Multiple session tracking
  • Set break points in any CFML page, custom tag or CFC by simply clicking on any line
  • Conditionally Break on Exceptions
  • Step through CFML tags and statements within CFSCRIPT blocks
  • Step over files
  • Run to end
  • Run to break points
  • Fully Variable Inspection
OpenBD Profiler

Web Request Dashboard

Discover what requests are running on your OpenBD server in real time with the request dashboard.

Quickly see the amount of time each request is taking and what it is doing, see in real time the precise tag that the request is running. If stuck in a query, inspect the SQL statement.

See uptime, bytes sent, total requests, memory usage, cache hits.