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aw2.0 Ltd

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aw2.0 Ltd are the official maintainers of the OpenBD code base, believing whole heartedly in the open source philosophy that sharing over 400K lines worth of software engineering can bring.

Professional services and official support is available for OpenBD through aw2.0 Ltd. Please contact us for more information.


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Pixl8 is full service web agency based in London, England. We specialise in large website, intranet and application development including back-office integration and mobile applications. In addition we troubleshoot web applications and provide a range of consulting services. Our team have been building applications with CFML since 1998.

Peter Farrell

The Harmonious Programmer

Peter Farrell is an CFML application architect with the desire to build smart and easy to maintain OOP enterprise applications that can stand the test of time.

He has vast experience building open-source software as the Lead Architect for Mach-II - an event-driven, implicit invocation framework for developing enterprise OOP applications in CFML. Mach-II is used by organizations such as the US Government to Adobe Systems, Inc.

Open Source Community

OpenBD has a strong and vibrant open source community, often you can get the answers you need fast by tapping into the expert knowledge of the discussion group members.

All are welcomed to join in the public discussion list. This list is open to anyone wishing to discuss anything related to the Open BlueDragon open source J2EE project.

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