CFML Functions

amazon Category functions

Function Name Description
AmazonEtjobcancel Amazon Elastic Transcoder: You can only cancel a job that has a status of Submitted
AmazonEtjobcreate Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Creates a job. Returns the Job ID. See AWS
AmazonEtjoblist Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Lists all the jobs for this pipeline
AmazonEtjobread Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Reads the status of a job (Submitted, Progressing, Complete, Canceled, or Error)
AmazonEtpipelinecreate Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Creates a pipeline. Returns the Pipeline ID. See AWS
AmazonEtpipelinedelete Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Deletes a pipeline. You can only delete a pipeline that has never been used or that is not currently in use (doesn't contain any active jobs).
AmazonEtpipelinelist Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Lists all the pipelines
AmazonEtpipelineread Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Returns back all the data associated about a pipeline
AmazonEtpipelineupdatestatus Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Updates the pipeline status. The desired status of the pipeline: Active: The pipeline is processing jobs. Paused: The pipeline is not currently processing jobs
AmazonEtpresetslist Amazon Elastic Transcoder: Lists all the presets
AmazonLambdaexecute Amazon Lambda: executes a lambda function
AmazonLambdaexecuteasync Amazon Lambda: executes a lambda function asynchronously
AmazonRegisterdatasource Amazon Datasource: Registers a datasource for use with the Amazon functions and tags. If you are working with a specific region, then you have to specify which one you are going to be using
AmazonRemovedatasource Amazon Datasource: Removes a previously registered datasource
AmazonS3bucketexists Amazon S3: Determines if the bucket exists
AmazonS3bucketrequesterpays Amazon S3: Allows Amazon S3 bucket owner to enable the Requester Pays for the given bucket name. If enabled, the requester of an Amazon S3 object in the bucket is charged for the downloading the data from the bucket.
AmazonS3bucketsetacl Amazon S3: Sets the ACL on the given bucket; all objects uploaded will be defaulted to this
AmazonS3changestorageclass Amazon S3: Changes the Amazon S3 storage class for a specified object
AmazonS3copy Amazon S3: Copies the file from the given bucket/key to a new bucket/key
AmazonS3createbucket Amazon S3: creates a new bucket in the region of the datasource
AmazonS3delete Amazon S3: Deletes one or more remote keys, returns the number of keys deleted
AmazonS3deletebucket Amazon S3: deletes bucket. All objects (and all object versions, if versioning was ever enabled) in the bucket must be deleted before the bucket itself can be deleted
AmazonS3getinfo Amazon S3: Returns back a structure detailing all the headers from a given remote object
AmazonS3geturl Amazon S3: Returns back a signed URL that gives people public access to a given file, with an optional expiration date
AmazonS3list Amazon S3: Returns all the keys for this bucket as a query with the fields 'key', 'size', 'modified' and 'etag'. Any key returning a slash (/) at the end is considered a subprefix (or directory) of the current prefix.
AmazonS3listbuckets Amazon S3: Returns all the buckets for this account
AmazonS3read Amazon S3: Reads the remote file sitting on S3 copying to the local file system or reading the file into memory and returning its content
AmazonS3rename Amazon S3: Rename the remote file
AmazonS3setacl Amazon S3: Sets the ACL on the given object
AmazonS3write Amazon S3: Copies the local file up to Amazon S3
AmazonSimpledbcreatedomain Amazon SimpleDB: Creates a new SimpleDB domain for storing data
AmazonSimpledbdeleteattribute Amazon SimpleDB: Deletes the attribute (and optional value) from the ItemName inside the domain
AmazonSimpledbdeletedomain Amazon SimpleDB: Deletes a SimpleDB domain, removing all data immediately
AmazonSimpledbgetattributes Amazon SimpleDB: Gets all the attributes for the given domain and ItemName
AmazonSimpledblistdomains Amazon SimpleDB: Lists all the domains within this datasource
AmazonSimpledbsetattribute Amazon SimpleDB: Sets the attribute (and optional value) to the ItemName inside the domain
AmazonSimpledbsetstruct Amazon SimpleDB: Sets all the attributes in data to the ItemName in domain
AmazonSqsaddpermission Amazon SQS: Adds the given permission to the queue within the account
AmazonSqschangemessagevisibility Amazon SQS: Changes the visibility of the given message by the value given
AmazonSqscreatequeue Amazon SQS: Creates a new Amazon SQS queue, with the default visibility. Returns the Queue URL
AmazonSqsdeletemessage Amazon SQS: Deletes the message on the queue
AmazonSqsdeletequeue Amazon SQS: Deletes the queue
AmazonSqsgetattributes Amazon SQS: Gets the attributes for the given queue url
AmazonSqslistqueues Amazon SQS: Returns all the queues for this account
AmazonSqsreceivemessage Amazon SQS: Returns the messages available for processing sitting in teh queue
AmazonSqsremovepermission Amazon SQS: Removes the given label permission from the queue
AmazonSqssendmessage Amazon SQS: Adds the given message to the queue